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The (Almost) Complete Guide to Pinoy Volleyball Lingo ...

Manipis – cutshot/extreme cross court hit Baon/Tusok – bounce ball Kulam – serve or spike hitting the net first before going over the opponent’s court and scores a point/pechay but scores... Puto – excellent dig Butterfly/Palaypay – dig na parang bagong manicure Na-Vicky Belo/Na-chenes – na-facial ...

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The history of volleyball in the Philippines refers to the history of volleyball in the Philippines as a recreation and as a sport. Philippine volleyball history began in 1910 when the Philippines was a United States territory. The Filipinos have made significant contributions to volleyball in its evolution as a professional and international game. The Filipinos continued playing volleyball up to the modern-day period in its status as an independent republic. Volleyball in the Philippines is a f

Volleyball in Tagalog

Volleyball in Tagalog. The best Filipino / Tagalog translation for the English word volleyball. b á lib ó l [noun] volleyball 1 Example Sentence Available » more... 1.) s e pak takr á w - [noun] kick volleyball (game/sport) more...

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bowling. eskrima. Filipino fencing. pelota. similar to racquetball. putbol. football. saker. soccer.

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– Any volleyball game with people who don’t really know how to play volleyball. A common euphemism for this type of game is “Picnic Volleyball.” JUMP SERVE – A serve that is started by the server tossing the ball into the air and jumping into and hitting the ball in its downward motion. JOUST – When 2 opposing players are simultaneously

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This is a list of common volleyball lingo, slang and jargon terms. # 4-2 5-1 6-2. A. Ace Antenna Approach Attack Block. B. Back Row Attack Beach Dig Beer Blash Block City Bump Pass Butter. C. Campfire Chicken Wing Cobra Cut Shot. D. Deep Dish Dig Dink Dinosaur-Dig Double Block Double Contact Double Hit Dump. E. End-Line. F. Fishing Five-One Flare Flipper Float Serve Four-Two Free Ball. G. Goofy. H.

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Interesting Volleyball Terms. Mintonette: The original name given to the game we now call Volleyball. Nectar: A perfect and sweet set. Paintbrush: When a hitter swings but then barely touches the bottom of the ball, dropping it over the opposing blocker. Lollipop: A lollipop is an easy serve that flies high into the sky and over the net.

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Please Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE!The most memorable revenge, taunting, swags and showdowns in Philippine volleyballFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/bmtvphi...

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Refs : Collective noun for those officiating at a volleyball event - including referees and lines people. Often mocked for wearing predominantly white shoes on a beach volleyball event. Rufio : A cheer done in volleyball, famous from the movie Hook, where a player blocks the opposing player straight down on the opposing players' side. Players scream, "Rufio, Rufio, Ru-fi-OOOOOO!!!"