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The difference of playing tennis indoors and outdoors is the speed, bounce of tennis balls, and weather conditions. Indoor tennis is more comfortable and faster paced. Outdoor tennis is slower and subject to many variables such as wind, heat, the positioning of the sun, and an increased risk of fatigue and heat related illness.

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The bounce height also tends to be lower inside so players need to adapt their technique. Outdoor tennis is more challenging because there are a number of different conditions to deal with. As mentioned the wind can affect both the bounce and the flight of the ball. The sun can be a distraction for players too.

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When you get back on the outdoor courts, make sure your footwork is flawless and that you see yourself hitting the back of the ball before looking up. Focusing on the fundamentals will lead to better strokes and avoid rustiness. Fatigue: The sun is obviously not going to affect you if you are playing indoor tennis. Once you hit the outdoor courts, especially during the summer, make sure to prepare for the weather conditions.

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I love playing outdoors and greatly prefer it over indoor tennis. The only element of my game that does better indoors is my serve. It is my single biggest shot (as for most players) and I can get more aces with my serve indoors. I feel I can get better pace on the shot and the courts typically play faster. The reason outdoor is so different is that you have the element factor.

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Indoor table tennis tables have a much better playing surface than tables designed for outdoor use. More importantly, if you want to play competitively, other venues will use indoor table tennis tables. Therefore, with an indoor table, you'll be more accustomed to other playing environments. True Ball Bounce.

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In the outdoor setting, the court may wear quicker due to weather, dirt, traffic, etc. Therefore the outdoor court every year will get faster than the indoor court. This is due to the texture of the court wearing down and the court becoming flatter, smoother, and therefore faster. BUT, many indoor courts.

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However, the main difference between indoor and outdoor play is the ball. It’s an officially recognized aspect of the game that authorities stress players should adhere to. Since the surface and atmosphere of gameplay is different, the ball used in play should complement this. Due to this, indoor and outdoor balls differ on two key features.


This protects the court surface, as outdoor shoes may have trapped dirt and stones in the sole, and minimises the risk of injury, because they do not slip. Moreover, the softer sole provides more grip. The distinction between indoor and outdoor tennis shoes is particularly important.