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Best Serve Receive Drill - Strength and Power Volleyball

How the serve receive drill works. For this drill you need two passers, a server, a target, and person to signal points for deep serves. This drill can be either competitive or cooperative. One variation would be competitive...servers vs passers. Set a time limit, for example, 3 minutes.

Wave: Serve receive drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Purpose: A fast-paced serve receive drill that teaches players to control chaos. How it Works: Players group up into groups of 3 serve receivers. There should be a group of three passers on each side receiving serves for two minutes straight. Two groups of three are the serving groups; The serving teams serve one at a time.

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Serve Receive - Volleyball.Com

A Great Serving and Receiving Drill. A cornerstone in Stanford University head coach John Dunning’s practice plans over the years has been the “Serving & Passing Drill.”. In the drill, athletes work on their serves as well as making perfect passes to setters at the front of the net. Steps for drill.

Serve Receive Drill - Volleyball - YouTube

A drill that forces a team execute the serve receive and terminate six balls in a row.For more free videos about volleyball drills, skill training, practice ...

Volleyball Serve Receive Drills - Pakmen Volleyball

The main idea of this drill is to help volleyball players receive a serve the right way and then make a pass to one of his/her teammates. The serving and receiving drill from John Dunning requires 6 servers, 4 defensive players (who will receive a serve during the game) and 2 setters (who will take a role of targets on the court).

3-Day Serve Receive Volleyball Drill | Eye-Sequencing

Players will yell "short" or "deep" immediately after the server contacts the ball and take a step forward or backward (baby step). This will keep them on their toes, and they can still move quickly towards the volleyball. Drill Setup. 3 passers, 1 target (in round 3), rest are serving. Run The Drill. Serve 15 balls over and in total, then wave.

Serve Receive Volleyball Drill Progression - YouTube

In this video, Steve Colpus shows a serve receive drill progression that he uses with his team that starts simple and progresses to more complex drills.

21 down serve-and-receive drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

21 Down is a competitive serving and serve-receive drill. First team to zero points loses the drill. Teams are divided in equal number and capability. The drill follows a pass-and-replace pattern that goes like this: Passers receive a ball, and no matter the outcome, they get off the court and a new passer takes their place.

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