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Volleyball Setter Footwork (3 TIPS TO IMPROVE SETTING MOVEMENT)

Volleyball setter footwork and setting drills for mastering the footwork for setting. Volleyball setting tips. Volleyball setting skills involve both hand se...

Volleyball Setter Footwork

The setter should always start in an athletic stance, facing where the ball is being passed. This is very important because the more prepared the setter is to move, the more efficient the setter will be when moving to get in position to set. So as the ball comes in, the setter steps left-right, turning the hips to square up to the outside hitter.

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Every setter needs to master the basics of setter footwork. Inconsistent footwork will always lead to the inconsistent placement of your sets. Left Foot Plant Move and Right Foot Spin Move. Every great setter has had to master the correct footwork patterns for finishing setting moves on a single foot. Single Foot and Double Foot Jump Sets. Jump setting is a very dynamic skill in volleyball.

How to Shine as a Setter in Volleyball – Volleyball Expert

A good setter touches the ball on virtually every single play. And they dictate the flow and direction of attacks like no other position on the team. In fact, the setter may be second only to the coaching staff in terms of influencing the game plan and execution.

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In the back row, the setter plays right back. They are responsible for digging the cross-court shot of their opposite or right side hitter and the line shot of their outside hitter. They should be prepared to dig and not abandon their spot to get to the net to set. If there is no dig, there is no set to be made.

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The setter in volleyball is like the control tower or the mastermind behind the entire game’s flow. Basically, the setter is like the point guard in basketball or the quarterback in football. This player is usually the leader on the court who calls the plays. The setter typically gets the second touch out of the possible three touches in a rally.

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The setter’s elbows are flexed with hand near the midline of the body. The setter’s knees and hips are slightly flexed in preparation to apply force to the approaching ball. The next phase, the movement phase, is where the setter actually makes contact with the ball.